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Three years of ageing

0.25 / 0.5 L

Five years of ageing

0.1 / 0.25 / 0.5 L

USOV COGNAC is the brand most well-known and unconditionally recognized by Russian consumers. It is considered to be classic of Russian cognac production. The popularity among consumers is based on the work and experience of our experts, who combine traditional recipes with the latest technology and continuous monitoring at all stages of product creation. The cognac is produced on the basis of Russian and foreign spirits.

It goes well with fruit, hard aged cheese and a cup of hot unsweetened strong tea. It will also be good as a digestive.


USOV 3* Cognac

This cognac is iridescent in the sunlight showing shades of copper, while its oily texture forms the so-called “legs” — drops that flow down the walls of a moving glass indicating the quality and age of the beverage. A simple and expressive aromatic bouquet opens up with notes of pear, dried apricots and prunes. A touch of tar and understory notes bring a slight piquancy to the harmonious, sweet and mild taste. A sip is completed with a long and fresh aftertaste.

USOV 5* Cognac

The beverage of mahogany colour with a simple and understandable style has a harmonious and structured bouquet, in which the aroma of dried fruit is complemented by notes of baked apple and biscuit cake. A mild and delicate taste with hints of herbs and spices smooths the strength of the beverage, as if enveloping with each sip completed with a long fresh aftertaste.

Ageing: 3 years / 5 years. Strength: 40%. Volume: 0.1 / 0.25 / 0.5 L.