Traditional Russian Cognac

Three years of ageing

0.5 L

Five years of ageing

0.25 L | 0.5 L

RUSSIAN Cognac created by our experts to be in full accordance with the requirements of GOST standards wins over the fans of Russian traditions. The wine and brandy cellars depicted on the label reveal the birth secret of this noble beverage inviting you to try it and feel the taste of the bygone era in your mouth. Once in a glass, the cognac spirits aged in oak barrels behave strongly and brightly, and the taste burns and remains in memory for a long time.

The ideal gastronomic pair for this cognac is the grilled or barbecued meat.


RUSSIAN 3* Cognac

Pure and transparent, looking golden honey in the light, this brandy is well revealed in a glass. Pleasant floral notes with a slight acidity appear in a playful, slightly sweet aroma, when saturated with oxygen, while the initial slight zingy taste disappears. The taste of a bright, slightly tongue-burning beverage has a pleasant freshness and the same floral notes as the aroma, while the aftertaste helps it open up.

RUSSIAN 5* Cognac

The aromatic range of this beverage is intricate and diverse due to five years of ageing in the barrels made of Caucasian oak. Over the years, floral tones fade into the background giving way to the notes of viscous, warm tar. In a glass, the aroma is gradually transformed and complemented by candied fruit and flowers. The flavour is round and harmonious — all sharp corners have been smoothed out by time.

Ageing: 3 years / 5 years. Strength: 40%. Volume: 0.25 / 0.5 L.